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Baby Corn Mystery
In my childhood, I encountered a great mystery. Baby corn. It was so familiar, yet so strange. Its diminutive proportions seemed to fit only in the white boxes....
Ban Leafblowers!
Leafblowers are all-purpose offenders, says Dr. Weil's co-author Winifred Rosen: bad for plants, soil, the air and our ears.
Basil Basics
My friend absent-mindedly runs her hands through her potted basil while she converses on her porch, pausing every so often to breathe deeply.
Brewing Compost Tea
Green tea isn't the only brew that leads to vibrant health. Compost tea makes robust vegetables, which help to make robust people.
Brussels Sprouts Get No Respect
In the folklore of the dinner table, no vegetable has been demonized more successfully, and unfairly, than Brussels sprouts.
Carrots of Many Colors
Fresh carrots are abundant now. Don't stick to plain old orange varieties, try red, yellow, white and purple ones. Here's how to grow your own next year.
Chard Epiphany
Jace Mortensen, Dr. Weil's gardener, came to appreciate fresh vegetables relatively late in life. Swiss chard showed him the way.
Chili Pepper: Pain and Pleasure?
I've seen Dr. Weil go head to head (with those few souls brave enough to challenge him) to see who could eat the spiciest pepper without flinching.
Cilantro Inspires Controversy
Some people, including Dr. Weil, love cilantro. Others think it tastes like aluminum foil. If you are in the former category, here are tips for successfully growing your own.
Cucumbers Are Cool
It irks me that to be "as cool as a cucumber" is a good thing and to be "in a pickle" (a phrase from Shakespeare, no less) is a bad thing.
Dandelion: The Accidental Vegetable
Even if you forgot to put in a garden this year, you can probably harvest dandelions from your lawn for a nutritious fall salad or stir-fry.
Don't Eat the Calendula
The adjective edible does not necessarily mean worth eating. The lovely calendula is a case in point.
Feed the Soil, Not the Plants
A cubic inch of healthy soil can contain a trillion living organisms. Jared McKinley explains how garden plants fit into this complex ecosystem.
Garlic: The Wonder Root
"Garlic is repulsive. I love it," reports Jace Mortensen, Dr. Weil's gardener. Learn the secrets of successful garlic cultivation here.
Grow Up, Use Mint
Jace Mortensen, Dr. Weil's gardener, reports that drinking mint tea from homegrown plants has hastened his transition to responsible adulthood.
How to Make Healthy Soil
Here are Jared McKinley's specific tips on creating a healthy soil, which makes the most flavorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Joyful Gardening
"What brings you joy?" is a question that Dr. Weil asks his patients. Gardening is near the top of his own "joyful" list. Why does he love it?
Living Walls & Vertical Gardens
No space for plants? No problem! If you have a wall, you have a potential garden for flowers, desert succulents and fruits and vegetables.
Making Good Compost
Good compost doesn't just happen. Jared McKinley explains the finer points of turning waste into garden gold.
Malabar Spinach
In midsummer gardens, kale withers, lettuce bolts and spinach becomes bitter. Seeking a green that can flourish in broiling heat? Try Malabar spinach!
Organic Gardening: Creating a Compost
One way to reduce problems with pests in your organic garden is if you grow strong, healthy plants that are naturally resistant.
Organic Gardening: Natural Pest Repellents
To discourage pests, use nontoxic products containing pyrethrum or neem.
Potato Nation
We have the couch potato. Mr. Potato Head. Potato guns. Potato clocks. Potato chips. Potato salad. Potato soup. Au gratin. Mashed. Flaked.
Revere the Radish
Depending on the time of year, radishes can mature in as little as three weeks. That's as close to instant gratification as vegetable gardening gets.
Saguaro Harvest
Gardener and wild-plant enthusiast Jared McKinley recounts his trek into the desert to harvest sweet, blood-red saguaro fruit.
Spinach, Leaf, Life
The leaf is perhaps the most important invention of all time. Outwardly simple and humble, it nonetheless dwarfs the significance of, say, Google or the bicycle.
Starting a Vegetable Garden
For personal and planetary health, growing organic vegetables at home is one of the best moves you can make. Here's how to begin.
The Great Shiitake Experiment
Shiitake mushrooms are delicious and are prominent in my Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Here's how some friends and I took on the challenge of growing our own!
The Most Captivating Flower
Nothing brightens the holiday season like a potted amaryllis, blooming in showy defiance of all that is cold, wet and gray. Here's how to keep it happy and healthy.
Time for Tomatoes
The tomato is the most popular home-grown vegetable, and planting season has arrived in most of the U.S. Here's how Dr. Weil enjoys abundant harvests.
Tuscan Kale
Nero di Toscana is a significant upgrade from the familiar supermarket kale, and as the weather grows colder, it just gets sweeter.
What to Grow
Garden harvest and second-planting are happening in much of the country. Check out the tasty, beautiful veggies Dr. Weil picks and plants in his own garden!
Zucchini is Boring?
Nothing interesting can be said about the zucchini, contends gardener Jace Mortensen. So why should anyone grow it?

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