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4 Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Foods
For a food to make my list, it has to cover all the bases: anti-inflammatory, delicious and versatile. Try them all!
About Andrew Weil, M.D.
Andrew Weil, M.D., has devoted the past thirty years to developing, practicing, and teaching others about the principles of integrative medicine.
A Healthy Doctor
The world is full of occupational irony: crooked cops, bankrupt bankers, seasick sailors, and immoral clergy. But one of the most dangerous examples, according to Dr. Weil, is unhealthy doctors.
Arizona County Approves Integrative Care Plan
A partnership between the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and Maricopa County may boost the acceptance of integrative medicine nationwide.
Conversations With Leading Thinkers in Science & Spirit
Through the years, It's been my privilege to speak at public forums with some of the leading thinkers and researchers at the frontiers of medicine, science and spirituality. Here are some of those conversations.
Dreaming of a Dr. Weil Holiday
Amaryllis and other lovingly tended flowers brighten Dr. Weil's holiday. How else does the doctor keep the season joyful and stress-free?
Dr. Weil on Larry King Live
Tonight, Dr. Weil will appear on Larry King Live to discuss Sunday's health care vote, and his vision of what American medicine should be.
Dr. Weil's Homemade Sauerkraut
Fresh, homemade sauerkraut is among the least expensive healthy foods you can eat. Here's Dr. Weil's simple recipe.
Dr. Weil's New Book
Dr. Weil's landmark book illuminates how health care has become overpriced, ineffective and ultimately disastrous, and what we can all do to fix it.
Dr. Weil's Newest Website
Based on his bestselling book, Dr. Weil's new site,, guides members step-by-step to optimal emotional health.
Dr. Weil's Personal Vitamin Routine
Dr. Weil's personal vitamin and supplement regime has changed through the years, based on his ongoing research. What does he take now?
Dr. Weil's Senate Testimony
Integrative medicine is the nation's best hope for raising the quality and lowering the cost of health care, Dr. Weil told a U.S. Senate committee last week.
Dr. Weil's Typical Day
Dr. Weil is a busy man with many varied responsibilities, but he balances these with exercise, meditation and time for friends and family.
Good Business
I feel that if the world is to be improved, it won't happen outside the bounds of capitalism. It seems clear to me that ethical, for-profit businesses just might be the last, best hope for the planet.
Integrative Medicine Goes Global
The planned opening of a new wellness clinic in Turkey marks the growing influence of integrative medicine worldwide.
In the News: Berries Fight Cancer
Berries of all kinds, but especially black raspberries, show great promise in the prevention and even the treatment of several cancers, says an Ohio researcher.
In the News: Eat Fish, Be Happy
Omega 3 fatty acids - abundant in fish - are crucial for heart and mental health, say researchers. So why do we eat so much of the wrong kind of fat?
In the News: Lose Weight with High Protein!
Dr. Weil and leading nutrition scientists say look beyond scare headlines to find an optimum eating plan for life.
In the News: Nutrition Conference, New York City
If you want a healthy life in a healthy world, look up from your plate, say Dr. Weil and other nutrition experts in New York City.
In the News: The Spices of Life
Is food medicine? Is medicine food? If spices and herbs are packed with disease-fighting compounds, should we just swallow them in pill form and call it dinner?
Loving the Labyrinth
"A labyrinth isn't a maze," says Dr. Weil. "A maze is designed to confuse you. A labyrinth...lets you see where you are at all times. It's really a meditation device."
My Life With Tea, Part One
Tea is perhaps the most healthful drink human beings can consume. But for me, it is also a personal, lifelong journey of discovery.
My Life With Tea, Part Two
I drink tea every day, and take pleasure in each sip. Based on long experience, here is how I select, purchase, prepare and consume teas of various kinds.
Rebuilding the Labyrinth
Two years ago this week, a flood washed away a huge stone labyrinth on Dr. Weil's Arizona ranch. Here's the story of how 28 friends rebuilt it in a day.
Six New Year's Resolutions
"Take time for green tea" is one of six simple, effective steps you can take toward healthy living in 2015.
The Flood, Part One
A countertop in Dr. Weil's staff office shows the high-water mark left after a once-in-a-century flood devastated the doctor's home and outbuildings last summer.
The Flood, Part Two
Last July, a once-in-a-century flood devastated Dr. Weil's home and property, including wrapping this steel footbridge around a tree. Read our exclusive account.
Weil Ranch Goes Biodiesel
Ranch foreman Juan Vargas and Dr. Weil flank the new biodiesel machine. The exhaust from the tailpipe of Dr. Weil's car now "smells like good Chinese food."
What is Integrative Medicine?
Andrew Weil, M.D., is often portrayed as a proponent of alternative medicine. But he actually advocates the use of integrative medicine. What's the difference?
What's Funny About Turning 72?
On his June 8 birthday, Dr. Weil muses on the role of humor in healthy aging, and on his personal comedic history.

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