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13 Simple Aerobic Tips
Aerobic exercise is vital for optimum health, but too many people approach it in a haphazard way. Here is Dr. Weil's advice for gaining maximum benefits.
Aerobic Exercise for Well-Being
Aerobic exercise is any activity that increases your heart rate and respiratory rate, the kind that feels like work and makes you huff, puff, and sweat.
A Workout in Four Minutes
Research shows a four-minute workout (using high intensity interval training) may do the same job as 30 minute sessions.
Bridge Pose
The Bridge Pose is an excellent way to alleviate lower back pain by stretching chest, neck, thighs and spine.
Cat-Cow Pose
The Cat and Cow poses are often paired during a yoga session and provide a deep stretch for the muscles of the torso.
Child's Pose
Child's Pose is considered a resting pose and is often performed between more difficult poses as a way to regain focus. It stretches the feet, legs, hips and back.
Cobra Pose
The Cobra Pose can strengthen the back and stomach muscles and stretch the chest, shoulders and abdomen. Learn to do it safely.
Corpse Pose
The Corpse Pose is often the final pose to be completed in a yoga sequence as it relaxes and (despite the name) revitalizes the practitioner.
Cycling is Easy on the Joints
Cycling is the preferred activity for those with bad knees. It strengthens knee muscles without trauma, leading to less chance of future injury.
Downward-Facing Dog
Downward-Facing Dog pose offers the perfect way to unwind after a day hunched over the keyboard. Here's how to do it.
Exercise Pitfalls
I must point out a few pitfalls of exercise that are seldom discussed, especially in our fitness-obsessed age. Exercise is not the sole determinant of health any more than diet is.
Extended Side Angle Pose
A relatively advanced yoga pose, the Extended Side Angle offers an invigorating combination of exertion and stretching.
Full Boat Pose
The Full Boat Pose is a relatively difficult yoga position, but its potential health benefits make it worth the effort to master.
Hate to Exercise?
"I hate to exercise." How many times have I heard these words I from patients and others? How many times have I said them myself?
Hero Pose
The Hero Pose stretches the thighs, hips, and ankles. It also provides a way to relax and focus on breathing.
How Much Exercise Do We Need?
Just as a varied diet promotes optimal nutrition, a varied regimen of aerobic activity leads to overall muscular and cardiovascular fitness.
How to Make Exercise a Habit
No matter how much you try to make it fun, when you first start regular aerobic exercise, you will probably dislike it. Here's how to keep going.
Legs Up the Wall Pose
Legs Up the Wall is a simple yoga pose that stretches the legs and hips. It is often used as a resting pose and can relieve stress and anxiety.
Lotus Pose
The Lotus Pose is a classic meditative posture, and helps reduce stress. Incorporate this pose into any yoga session to integrate body, mind and spirit.
Making Aerobic Exercise Simple & Fun
A key to making aerobic exercise fun is to let it take you to beautiful places - this is just as true in winter as it is in summer.
Mountain Pose
Mountain Pose is a basic standing pose and is the starting point for many other yoga poses. The pose promotes balance and relaxation.
Muscle Trimming
Muscle trimming, the floor work of aerobics classes, is intended to increase muscle tone and improve body contours.
Pigeon Pose
The yoga position known as the Pigeon Pose reduces stress and tension by stretching the hip flexor and core muscles.
Plow Pose
The Plow Pose isn't for beginners, but it provides significant stretching and stress-relieving benefits.
Seated Forward Bend Pose
The Seated Forward Bend provides a deep stretch for the neck, back and legs. Learn how to perform this basic yoga pose.
Six Alternative Aerobic Activities
Running, walking and bicycling are common aerobic exercises, but they are far from the only ones. Try these to add interest to your workouts.
Staff Pose
The Staff Pose builds a foundation for other seated yoga poses. It supports healthy digestion and can strengthen and stretch the muscles of the legs, hips, and abdomen.
Standing Forward Bend Pose
Standing Forward Bend stretches the back and hamstring muscles of the legs. It is also used as a resting pose before other yoga poses.
Strength Training with Weights
The chief aim of training with weights should not be creating disproportionately large muscles, but rather a stronger, healthier and more resilient body.
Stretching 101
Stretching is a totally natural conditioning exercise that improves the tone and health of muscles; limbers up tendons, ligaments, and joints; changes the dynamics of the nervous system; and just feels good.
Swimming is the Lifetime Exercise
Swimming is the exercise of choice for anyone with musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis or traumatic injury, and provides a whole-body workout.
Tai Chi
Tai chi, also known as Chinese shadow boxing, is a formal series of flowing, graceful, slow-motion movements designed to harmonize the circulation of energy (chi) around the body.
The Gentle Salvation of Walking
Putting in 45 brisk minutes of walking daily is quite simply the best practice for a lifetime of health.
The Pros and Cons of Running
Pleasant summer weather brings out runners in droves. Running promotes fitness quickly, but has some disadvantages as well.
Tree Pose
An iconic yoga pose, the Tree Pose provides balance and strengthens leg and hip muscles. See how to perform the pose.
Walking: The Best Exercise
Walking offers the great advantage of requiring no skill or practice. Everyone knows how to do it, and the only equipment you need is a good pair of shoes.
Warrior III Pose
The Warrior III Pose is perhaps the most difficult of the three Warrior poses. It both strengthens and stretches the leg and hip muscles.
Warrior II Pose
A basic and popular yoga pose, the Warrior II Pose efficiently stretches and strengthens the leg muscles. Learn how to safely perform it.
Warrior I Pose
The first of the Warrior Poses, the Warrior I Pose stretches and strengthens the legs and core muscles of the body.
Why Exercise Programs Don't Work
The vast majority of people who start exercise programs do not stick with them. Health clubs make a lot of money selling yearlong memberships to men and women who make resolutions to get into shape.
Why Must We Exercise?
Intentionally exercising would have seemed ridiculous to our distant ancestors. But given the sedentary nature of modern life, it is now essential.
Wide-Legged Forward Bend
Need to relax? The Wide-Legged Forward Bend yoga pose stretches the leg muscles and provides a calming effect. Learn how to perform this pose.
Yoga: More Than a Workout
Yoga can do much more than just stretch muscles. In India, this ancient science is a philosophical-religious system for attaining unity of consciousness.
Yoga Props: Helpful or Harmful?
Yoga props, blocks, straps, cushions and other aides can be invaluable tools for making yoga more accessible and can provide an enhanced experience.

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